The 11 Best Dumbbells for At-Home Workouts, According to Fitness Experts

If you need to squeeze in a solid workout even on your busiest days the best dumbbells (or a set of adjustable dumbbells) can offer a host of strengthening exercises right at home. That said, there are several important factors to consider when buying more home workout equipment, particularly if you’re on a budget or have limited space. We spoke to top fitness experts on the benefits of dumbbell workouts and tips on buying the best dumbbells for your space.

Benefits of using dumbbells

Dumbbells are free weights, which, in contrast to weight machines, allow you to perform more functional movements as you build strength, balance, coordination, range of motion, and core control. “Weight machines usually are in a fixed position, only allowing you to recruit specific muscle groups. Free weights, like dumbbells, force an individual to recruit and engage their whole body to perform a specific movement,” explains Massy Arias, an NASM-Certified celebrity trainer and health coach. Mandi Stachour, a NASM- and AFAA-Certified fitness instructor, says that buying dumbbells for your home workouts maximizes your workout capabilities. For example, she explains, “You can track your strength progress much better because you know the exact weight amount on the side of the dumbbell.”

What are the best dumbbells to buy

Let’s face it; most of us don’t have an endless budget and tons of room for a complete set of pairs of dumbbells of every possible weight. Arias explains, “It comes down to preference, space limitations, movement style of choice, goals in mind, and even the look and feel of them.” Stachour adds that, there are also “bad” dumbbells to avoid. “Common pitfalls in dumbbell purchases are looking for the cheapest option and just buying one dumbbell instead of buying the pair. Cheaply-made dumbbells will cost you twice—once to buy them, and once more to buy a higher quality product,” she explains. 

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