The 11 Best Running Tights and Leggings for All Seasons

Looking to up your running gear with some of the best running tights? A good pair of leggings has a way of making it to the top of your gym clothes pile week after week after week. There’s no substitute for ones that don’t fall down mid-workout, keep their shape, and wick sweat when needed. Bonus point if they have pockets.

Sure, you want to look cute and feel good in your skin while you’re running, but when you’re suiting up for a no-holds-barred kind of serious workout, functional apparel is just as important if not more. To help you find the best of both worlds and get running no matter the weather, we’ve collected this list of top-notch leggings that we’ve either put through the wringer or come with shining recommendations from other seasoned runners. 

Below take a look at top-rated running pants from Amazon, Lululemon, The North Face, and more. After shopping the best running tights for women be sure to check out our other expert-recommended apparel like the best running shoes and best earbuds for running.

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