The 13 Best Resistance Bands for At-Home Strengthening Workouts

We often hear about the benefits of strength training but getting to the gym can be nearly impossible. The good news is, the best resistance bands for at-home workouts can help with strengthening workouts and more. When it comes down to it, you don’t actually need to stock your space with more at-home workout equipment that are too bulky or expensive because resistance bands are great for strength exercises. With just a few bands, you can perform a full-body resistance band workout and increase strength in an effective, affordable, and portable way. We turned to fitness experts to get the scoop on resistance band exercises and how to shop the best bands.

Benefits of using resistance bands

Mandi Stachour, a NASM- and AFAA-Certified  fitness instructor, says, “Resistance bands can increase the range of motion in any exercise due to the fact that you don’t have a physical weight being pulled by gravity in any direction.” Compared to dumbbells, kettlebells, or other weights this is a huge plus. Vanessa Liu, a NASM-Certified personal trainer and nutritionist specialist adds, “When you use bands, your muscles have to stay engaged for the full range of motion of that exercise. This puts a lot of tension on your muscles, which is also known as ‘time under tension,’ and more tension on that muscle helps you develop more strength and control,”

What to look for in resistance bands

Liu says, “Ask yourself, ‘How do I plan to use this band?’ If you plan to do a lot of glute exercises or squats, go for mini-bands. They’re easy to loop around your feet, ankles, or knees.” And if you plan to be doing a lot of rows, presses, or curls, then a tube band is a good choice because the handle makes it easier to hold. Stachour adds, “If you are using them for travel, make sure to purchase a set that comes with an anchor for a doorway, multiple tubes of different resistance, handles, and a carrying case.” 

Below you’ll find expert-recommended resistance bands. And if you’re looking for more resistance band workouts, check out our resistance bands page for more.

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