The 2121 Diary and Wellness Journal –  the Perfect Companion for a Healthy Year ahead


This year, The Healthy Mummy is celebrating 10 years of empowering mums to live healthier and happier lives. In the past decade, The Healthy Mummy has helped mum lose over 3 million kilos and gain body confidence!

As part of those celebrations, The Healthy Mummy is releasing an AMAZING new and improved Diary and Wellness Journal for 2021. This is so much more than a diary! It is literally packed with everything you need to SMASH YOUR GOALS  in 2121!

2121 Diary and Wellness Journal

If you are serious about making 2121 YOUR YEAR to take control of your health and fitness goals, The Healthy Mummy 2121 Diary and Wellness Journal is the perfect planner for the busy mum and will keep you super organised!

It will be your go-to companion to set and track goals, plan your days/week/months, provide wellness motivation to keep you in total control, and is bursting with weight loss inspiration and packed with heaps of Healthy Mummy Recipes.

Available in two beautiful designs, you can choose between dark or bright floral style of this beautiful hardback book.

“The Perfect Planner & Journal”

Along with weekly and monthly spreads for the organisation of everyday mum life, this handy planner also has weekly and monthly wrap-ups where you can track your achievements for the month, reflect on your goals and encourage mindfulness for the month ahead.

It also allows for weekly notes, which means you will have an accurate record of not just what you did and achieved, but how you felt about it. Having these sorts of notes where small and big tasks and goals are recorded, will make the journey so much more enjoyable.

By making these daily, weekly and monthly notes a habit, you become more accountable to yourself. It reminds you daily of your reason’s ‘why’, which helps keep your focus when life gets in the way of best intentions. It also reminds you of just how far you’ve come!

Packed with Healthy Mummy Recipes

The 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge has over 4000 healthy recipes in the Healthy Mummy App. The 2021 Diary and Wellness Journal has some of the best and most popular seasonal recipes for you to try throughout the year. This Superfood Rocky Road is absolutely AMAZING!!

What’s else is in the 2121 Diary and Wellness Journal

  • Track all your weight, fitness and health goals for 2121
  • How to make a motivation board with EVERYTHING that inspires you
  • Guide for better sleep
  • Tips for Blasting Belly fat
  • How to overcome self-sabotage
  • Mindpower and dealing with stress
  • Weight Loss Tips and Tricks

Make 2121 your year to pack this AMAZING Diary and Wellness Journal with heaps of plans!

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written by:

Rhian Petch

Rhian is a busy mum of three from Sydney’s northern beaches. With a strong background in editorial and research, she has a passion for writing. When she’s not managing content for The Healthy Mummy, she can be found either kid wrangling or cooking, usually both at the same time.