The 7 Best Pie Pans For Baking The Best Pies

Are you looking for perfect disposable tin plates for your delicious pies? Gypsy’s Cart Premium 9” Aluminum Foil Pie Pans will give you want you to need. It comes with a pack of 50, so you can create more pies for your neighbors, coworkers, schoolmates or friends and family. You can save your time waiting for your Pyrex or metal plate pan to cool and transfer. After baking, you are off to go! Isn’t this the best pie pan for you?

This pie plate is worth your every cent because it is heavy-duty and disposable, perfect for home bakers and professionals. It has a unique ridge design that ensures perfectly baked crust or food and a strong base for the plate. It has precision fold and full curl lip that will hold your crust in place and ensure pies won’t break in pressure. You can use this for baking, grilling, and as a metal container because it’s durable.

It is perfect for your 9-inch recipes because of its perfect dimensions: 9-inch outer rim, 8-inch inner rim, 6 ½ inch bottom, and 1 3/16 height. They are ideal for thanksgiving, parties, catering, camping, and holidays. They are easy to clean, after enjoying your meal you can re-use or recycle this economical pans. You can also use this for crafts, arts, robot costumes, eating contest, grill plates, summer baking holiday with complete satisfaction!

You need to be careful when carrying it because the aluminum is very flimsy and doesn’t hold food well. They are not sturdy and bends too easily, especially when food is contained. It is easily sliced when you cut a piece on the pie.