The Changing Trends in Health and Fitness Industry

A survey was conducted on 8650 people. The objective was to know about the effects of a pandemic on the health and fitness industry, leading to the following results

The objective of this survey is to understand the change of lifestyle regarding fitness in the face of this pandemic. Due to the spread of COVID 19 and closing of gyms, people have invested in gym equipment to keep up their routine at home.

A real-time survey was conducted with people who have been conscious of their fitness routine. Most of these participants have been going to the gym before the pandemic.

Let us find out how people responded to different situations and  continued with their routine, or they did not:

There has been a Paradigm shift, especially in the health and fitness industry. The health and fitness industry has observed a downward trend post-COVID-19.

Since health and fitness have always been a priority, the fitness industry before CoronaVirus saw continuous growth. Because of the pandemic, people started working out at home, and slowly it became a trend.

Exercise equipment manufacturers have certainly benefited from this trend so much so that the demand for exercise equipment has outrun the supply.

The question remains, is this how it is going to be? Would we be working out at home, or will we ever enjoy that gym routine again?

Impact of COVID-19 on Home Fitness

One of the positive effects this Pandemic has brought into our lives is more family time. People have never spent so much time with their family and just family. Thus, let us see in the face of pandemic what other changes are brought in, especially in the fitness industry.

Increase in the Spending of Home Workout Equipment

Exercise is Up 91% During COVID-19: On the one hand, where we see a downward trend in gym memberships and low interest in resuming working out at the gym because of the virus, the pattern of spending on home equipment is picking up.

Most people have come to an understanding to keep themselves safe at home and invest in proper exercise equipment. This seems to be a notable trend in the given circumstances and looks like it’s here to stay.

  •  21% of the  participants agree to have purchased equipment for their home gym during the pandemic
  •  49% of the participants already owned exercise equipment at home before COVID-19.

This trend indicates that people are educating themselves to workout at home with a virtual trainer and learning what kind of exercise is best for them. This shows that people are focused on their fitness goals and are quickly adapting to the changes around them.

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