The final slimming straw!

“The reasons are remarkably consistent, some members don’t feel comfortable with having their photograph taken, some want to be healthier, and some just want to make day to day life easier.

“Capturing the top 10 reasons in this way shows anyone struggling with their weight that we are not alone and that getting the support from a group of people with the same goals can lead to life-changing differences. We are proud to have 50 years’ experience in supporting members to achieve their weight-loss dreams and learning how to stay slim and healthy for life.”

Top 10 Reasons People Want to Lose Weight

With 50 years of experience in helping people to lose weight, Slimming World reveals the top 10 reasons their members want to lose weight

1. To enjoy having my photo taken

2. Improve health problems

3. Feel good in my clothes

4. Move around with ease

5. Play with my children/grandchildren

6. Enjoy my holidays

7. Wear fashionable clothes

8. Making day to day life easier

9. See my children grow up

10. Improve mental wellbeing


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