The man’s diet

This is really revolutionary. Nutritionist claims that women can benefit from male habits to lose weight. That’s right: eating barbecue, drinking beer and losing weight.

Jim White is a nutritionist and personal trainer in Virginia Beach (United States). In a recent article on the Fitness Magazine website , he states that it is possible for women to get thin if they eat like a man.

For him, anyone who thinks that diet is a woman’s thing is right. According to Jim, men have the ability to change eating habits, but are not willing to face restrictive regimes. Not really, they suffer from the accordion effect. So one of your recommendations is to simply take off the diet.

The idea is to focus on the quality of what you are eating, and the proportions of proteins, carbohydrates and fat. By the “man’s diet”, this is the key to effective weight loss.

According to Jim White, it is these habits that keep men’s metabolism racing and control their blood sugar levels. All of this seems to me to be talkative, as is their habit. But it is worth considering some of the arguments for reaching your own conclusion.

Seven tips of the Man’s Diet:

1 – Eat more meat

One of the masculine habits that women should be aware of would be to skip the salad and immediately order a steak – no fries. Here, the logic is that the supply of proteins would be more “slimming” and functional than that of phytonutrients, in addition to keeping us satiated for longer. Vegetarians are not left out. The recommendation is to add more beans and nuts to meals.

2 – Drink beer

Want another tip? At the club, avoid ordering drinks and cocktails and, like them, drink beer. Frozen blondes have less calories and sugar. They are also diuretic and provide greater satiety.

3 – Avoid “light” foods

With quotes, because, according to White, foods in this category do not provide satisfactory levels of protein and fat, compensating for their absence with excess sodium and hidden sugar .

4 – Eat frequently

This habit keeps the metabolism always working, in addition to ensuring control of the blood glucose level.

5 – Consume quality

Here, the recommendation is to eat “without frills”, that is, try to avoid excessive sauces and ornaments. And try to balance portions of protein, carbohydrates and fat.

6 – Drink more water

Encourage constant hydration that, in  addition to cleaning the body, also hydrates the intestine, regulating bowel function.

7 – Don’t go on diets

95% of diets do not work and expose us to the accordion effect . Swap the paranoia of calorie counting and food restrictions for the consumption of quality food, in balanced meals and at appropriate times and places. The best diet is a healthy lifestyle.


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