The new Apple watch 7 is out today – this is why you’re going to want it

Apple Watch Series 7 landed in stores today, into the hot little hands of wearable tech fans and onto the wrists of the keenest among them.

With early reviews suggesting this latest iteration is ‘evolution not revolution’ and a ‘minor makeover’ from its predecessor in series 6 – the question on everyone’s lips is, is it worth an upgrade?

Well, that might depend on which Series you already own dear reader. There’s still lots to be excited about, particularly if you’re the proud owner of an earlier model, a 3,4 or 5.

The major difference and the glow-up that has to be seen to be believed (and truly appreciated) in the Series 7 is the screen size.

No one really knows how the wizards at Apple have reconfigured the screen to be almost 20 per cent (yes, 20 per cent) bigger than Series 6 despite adding only 1mm to dimensions of the device.

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If you’re still hanging onto a trusty old Series 3 – the new display is 50 per cent larger than the screen on that model, making it easier to read messages and email, with a lot less scrolling required so the difference is quite phenomenal.

That coupled with a screen that’s up to 70 per cent brighter indoors when your wrist is down, makes it even easier to discreetly check the time sneak a peek at a notification without raising your wrist or waking the display.

And as for exercising, the Series 7 is a dream. If you’re someone who froths on seeing your cal count, pulse rate and time elapsed all while having sweat run down your face, you’re going to love the bigger and brighter screen which makes it far easier to track your workout with sweat running down your face.

It can also fit 50 per cent more text onscreen than Series 6, making it easier to read messages and email, with a lot less scrolling required.

Here are four other things you’re going to love:

New colours
5 brand-new aluminium case colours including Midnight, Starlight, Green, Blue, and an updated (PRODUCT)RED. Personally, we’re all about the Starlight.

QWERTY keyboard
The keyboard you didn’t know you needed on a watch. For the first time, a full QWERTY keyboard that you can either tap or slide from letter to letter for accurate texting or emails.

Faster charging
It charges 33 per cent faster than Apple Watch 6 via a new USB-C cord which is something we can really get on board.

New cycling features
If you often forget to hit start on your watch when you get going on a ride, you’ll love this update. The watch can now auto-detect when you’re cycling and after just three minutes of pedaling, the Apple Watch will recognize you’re riding and ask if you want to start an outdoor cycle workout. (watchOS 8 update available on Apple Watch Series 3 and later.)

While you’re here, here are all the other things you (probably) didn’t know your Apple Watch could do.

The Apple Watch 7 is available now from $599.

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