I have tears in my eyes, joy in my heart, and a fist pump raised to the sky: THE WELL PLATED COOKBOOK IS HERE!

Erin Clarke with The Well Plated Cookbook and Balloons

Erin Clarke with The Well Plated Cookbook and Balloons

I’ve spent the last 3.5 years working my absolute hardest on every aspect of this book for one reason: to give YOU the best recipes and essential tips and tools to make DELICIOUS, healthy food attainable any night of the week.



Boswell Books (my local Milwaukee bookstore; you can get an autographed copy for a limited time)

Barnes & Noble



Or anywhere books are sold!

I can’t thank you enough for your support over the years. I am excited beyond belief for this book to be in your hands (AT LAST), and I hope you fall as in love with the recipes as I (and my friends, family, and recipe testers) did!

The Well Plated Cookbook is for EVERYONE. It has 130+ NEW recipes for every meal, whether you need a fast, easy weeknight dinner (the biggest section by far!), a healthy make-ahead breakfast your kids will adore, or a special treat to surprise loved ones. These recipes are my FAVORITES of all the ones I have ever created, and they WORK. Every recipe has been meticulously tested multiple times, including by independent recipe testers.

Every recipe comes with a gorgeous photo!

I’ve done much more than give you a selection of stellar recipes. Each one is its own mini tool kit. You’ll find:

  • EASY TO FIND INGREDIENTS. No going to specialty stores!
  • Recipe spin-offs. Many of the recipes feature a single ingredient used in multiple, ingenious ways. I also included different recipe spin-offs, so you can start with one base recipe, then vary it up to keep your meals exciting and new.
  • Ways to store, reheat, and even turn leftovers into a whole new meal.
  • Ideas for market swaps to use the ingredients you have on hand.
  • No weird orphan ingredients! Wherever possible, I eliminated strange, awkward leftovers, such as half-empty cans of beans.
  • “Un-Recipes. I get that life is busy and sometimes you don’t have time (or just aren’t in the mood) to make dinner. This book is here to keep you feeling inspired and give you shortcuts to alleviate some of the stress and drag of healthy eating, which is why I also have special features like “4 Things to Do with a Can of Chickpeas” and “4 Unboring Ways to Use Shredded Chicken.”
  • Produce amounts that make sense. You’ll always know how much produce to buy. If a recipe calls for “2 cups shredded carrots,” it will also state “about 10 ounces or 4 medium.”

Collage of recipes from The Well Plated Cookbook

Collage of recipes from The Well Plated Cookbook

^^That’s a tiny sneak peek of what’s inside. These recipes are SO GOOD.


Be sure to tag everything you make on Instagram! Share the photos in your FEED (not just stories) to be eligible for upcoming giveaways.

  • Tag @wellplated in the actual photo AND in the caption (it can’t be the caption-only or I may not see it; IG sometimes buries these).
  • Use the hashtag #WellPlatedCookbook so I can be sure to find your post.
  • Your profile needs to be public so I can see it! I want to feature your fabulous creations.
  • Not only will you light up my life, but also you can WIN BIG. Like thousands of dollars in prizes.

Request to leave a review for the Well Plated Cookbook

Request to leave a review for the Well Plated Cookbook


If you bought or received a book, please leave a review on Amazon. 5-star reviews are LIFE for book authors.

Your review has a direct impact on the book’s rankings and its sales potential, especially since I am a first-time author. Every review matters and is helpful. I would be so deeply grateful. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Order an Autographed Book

For a limited time (until 8/31), you can purchase a personalized, autographed copy of The Well Plated Cookbook.

  • Order through Boswell Books (20% off for a limited time!).
  • Enter the first name you’d like me to include at checkout.

Upcoming Events

Wisconsin Public Radio: Friday, 8/28 from 3:00 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. CDT

  • Join me on Central Time, our Wisconsin Public Radio live, afternoon-drive call-in show. I’ll be chatting with host Rob Ferret and we’ll be taking your call-in questions and emails.
  • If you live in Wisconsin, the show broadcasts statewide; if you are out of state, you can tune in at

Live Cook Along with Erin + Q&A (Send me all your questions!): Monday, 8/31  at 7:00 p.m. CDT

I’ll be doing a live cooking demo right from my kitchen! Since the book tour was put on hold, this is one way I’d love to meet you (at least virtually!). It’s free and all are welcome.

  • Register here to join.
  • Submit any questions you’d like me to answer in advance to [email protected]. I’ll get to as many as I can!

Instagram Live with TheFeedFeed: Tuesday, 9/1 at 11:00 a.m. CDT

  • I’m teaming up with the mega-foodie account The FeedFeed for a special Instagram Live. I’ll be cooking a recipe from the book and taking your questions.
  • To join, jump on either my Instagram (@wellplated) or The FeedFeed’s.

Exciting TBA Spot!

  • I can’t share any details yet, but please stay tuned for a VERY exciting announcement later this week.

To Stay Up to Date on All Events.

  • Keep an eye on the COOKBOOK TAB of my blog. I’ll be updating it regularly.


Full reveal to come tomorrow, but I am launching a MASSIVE GIVEAWAY!!! There will be three winners and thousands of dollars in prizes. We’re talking top-of-the-line cookware (Dutch ovens, cast-iron skillets, and more), pro-level knife sets, $$$$ for groceries, some of my favorite pantry items, AND MORE.

I’ll be sharing the complete entry details tomorrow, but so that you can start accruing entries now:

  • Make sure you are following @wellplated on Instagram (we’ll have lots of entry options through Instagram).
  • Tag any photos you share with #WellPlatedCookbook and tag @wellplated in the photo AND in the photo caption. Be sure to share the photo to your FEED.
  • For more opportunities, considering joining the Well Plated Community Facebook Group and Facebook Page to stay up to date (we’ll have ways you can share on Facebook too).

Again, I’ll be sharing complete details on the giveaway tomorrow, but I don’t want you to miss a moment or a chance to win, because these prizes are GOOD.

Wherever you are, I hope you can feel me beaming sunshine rays of cookbook happiness! I CANNOT WAIT to hear what you think about the book. Send me an email ([email protected]), leave me a comment, leave a review (please!), post on social media, shoot me a DM. All of it, any of it. I am dying to hear from you. THANK YOU, I LOVE YOU! And I hope you love the book! xoxoxo Erin

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