This mum has lost over 30kg and now SAVES $100 a WEEK!

Sascha has lost over 30kgs* and 70cm off her body and she’s also has managed to get 9kgs UNDER her goal weight – and she’s also saving money!

But she’s not stopping there with her health and fitness journey. 

Meal prep queen Sascha makes over 200 MEALS for charity!

Meal prep queen Sascha makes over 200 MEALS for charity!

After discovering The Healthy Mummy and 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge nearly a year and a half ago after resorting to restrictive eating and crash dieting, Sascha says she was ready for a lifestyle change.

Sasha Farley bikini before and after

Sasha Farley bikini before and after

30kg and 70cm lost!

Joining The Healthy Mummy has impacted Sascha’s whole family, her husband has lost 5kgs and her kids are eating things they normally wouldn’t!

After reaching her goal, Sascha is now focusing on becoming fitter and stronger.

“My greatest achievement has been consistency,” she says.

Sascha says she still has down days, but instead of wallowing she now jumps straight back into her new routine.

Meal prep

Shopping at Aldi and Coles and customising the Challenge meal plans using the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge App saves Sascha and her family $100 a week!

The gorgeous mama says it takes her anywhere between 1-3 hours on a Sunday to meal prep. She ensures she makes enough meals to last until Thursday/Friday of that week. Snacks are made over the weekend and they last 1-2 weeks.

Sascha says, “Some weeks we can live off our freezer stash alone and just make fresh salads, sides and snacks!”

Hot cost saving tip: “Repeating meals and snacks helps a lot, swapping out ingredients for cheaper ones, using pantry stock, going vegetarian 1-2 times a week, and using mince instead of pricey cuts of meat.”.

Sasha’s favourite Healthy Mummy recipes? Mexican lasagne or Slow cooked Asian chicken, and she also says that the Easy Fried Rice from the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge Hub is a common go-to as its cheap and easy!

Sascha Farley back before and after

Sascha Farley back before and after

It’s all about enjoyment

One big tip from Sascha is, “DON’T be afraid to eat MORE! Fuel your body properly, its a mind game as we are so used to punishing and restricting ourselves to reach big goals when we actually need to LOOK AFTER and nourish ourselves.”

Being consistent helps lose weight. An example of this could be snacking regularly, drinking lots of water and creating good habits that last.

Sascha says, “If you aren’t enjoying it, it won’t last.”

Sascha's Pesto Pasta

Sascha's Pesto Pasta


Sascha has learnt that it is okay to be selfish and look after yourself as well as your family.

“I have stayed positive by trying to focus on more than the scales and measurements, I  focused on how I FEEL on the inside.”

Sascha says it’s important to remember there is SO much more to your health and happiness than how much weight it says you’ve lost on the scales.

She adds, “Knowledge is so important, do your research, and understand what it takes to reach your goal. I found the more I knew, the less frustrated I got when things weren’t going my way. Also routine is great but if you are in a rut switch it up!” 

Are you feeling like you’re in a rut? Try these 5 ways to get out of an exercise rut or customise our 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge to suit your needs and wants.

The Healthy Mummy’s 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge is home to 4,500 recipes, 24/7 support, workout plans and videos as well as weekly meals to help mums hit their goal weight and take charge of their health and fitness.

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