Top posts and pages for 2020

Sharing my top posts and pages for 2020.

Hi friends! How’s the day going? I hope you’re having a great one so far. It’s pouring today, so we’ll prob snuggle up with some movies and I’ll catch a BODYPUMP workout in the garage. I’ve also had fresh planner nearby so I can jot down ideas for our upcoming fitness challenge and content for the new year.

As I set my intentions for the upcoming year, I always like to go back and check out my blog posts to see which ones performed well. Some of these are usually expected, and some are complete surprises! It gives me a little glimpse into the type of content that you’re looking for and I like to use some of these ideas to plan future posts.

When I’m planning my content for the next year, I also use your survey suggestions and topic requests. If you haven’t done this year’s survey yet, please take 3 minutes here! Your feedback is invaluable to me (and yes I’ll have a sneaky giveaway to celebrate this week!).

1. We painted our kitchen cabinets Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee

This was the house project I was most excited about! It made such a huge difference in our kitchen and really brightened everything up. It took quite a while (I think it was 5 days total??) but saved us a ton of money and the results were so worth it.

2. How to keep your guinea pig cage clean

I had a feeling when I wrote this post that it would do well because it’s something that I had to research SO much before we got our guinea pigs. We knew we were getting them for the kiddos, but I was adamant that our house would not smell like a barn. We’ve had them for over a year now and the method has worked well for keeping their habitat clean and smell-free.

3. How to combine Peloton workouts with other workouts + a sample plan

Peloton was a huge theme with my top posts because I think so many people are Googling for Peloton-related content. If you have any Peloton specific post requests, please let me know! I’d be happy to create some more sample plans with workouts from the app.

4. Potty training tips from two nanas

This was from that one time my mom and nana potty trained Liv in 24 hours. It was glorious, I tell ya. The funny thing is that I can’t really give potty training tips to anyone because I’ve never really done it. Mom and nana helped Liv and it was super easy and fast, and P potty trained herself when she was two and we lived in Georgia. She screamed at me to not put a diaper on her, so I didn’t, and she was fine. I definitely got lucky with that whole situation.

5. Focus On: the Peloton App

This breaks down the app and my fave parts about it!

6. Goodbye, sweet Bella Boo

My heart is still broken from losing our sweet, sassy, fur baby. I feel like I’ve pushed a lot of my grief aside (not healthy, I know) because I can’t think about it too much. I miss her every single day and I can’t believe she’s not here anymore.

7. Top 5 easy healthy meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner

These are still some of our go-to staples!

8. Morning detox drink

I still drink this often and especially love it during the winter months.

9. Favorite Peloton instructors

These are still all of my fave instructors!

10. PiYo review month 1

This is one of those old posts that continues to do well year after year, despite the horrible photos.

11. How to PR on your Peloton bike

More Peloton content 🙂

12. I got my breast implants removed + my experience with explant surgery

This is still one of the best things I’ve ever done. I feel SO much better without them in my body and my energy levels are great and my hormone levels are stabilized. I truly think my body was giving me the sign that it was done with them, and I’m so happy I decided to go for it.

13. Les Mills On Demand Review

One of my very favorite workout platforms! You can still use my link here for 30 days free.

14. How to combine babyled weaning with purees

15. DIY shower steamers with essential oils

This makes such an easy DIY gift idea or something you can do for yourself! It makes the shower smell incredible.

16. Homemade nibble bars

The girls still love these!!! Such a delicious and healthy little snack bar for kids.

17. Obé fitness review

I LOVED the dance cardio workouts on this platform but found the price to be high for what it was, and also had a difficult time canceling my account.

18. Best classes from the Peloton App

I need to do an updated post since they’ve added so many new classes!

19. How to set up your Peloton bike or any spin bike

This is another one of the posts I wrote because I felt like there was a lack of info out there. These are my tips for setting up your bike properly and safely unclipping.

20. How to make tempeh taste good

TLDR version: make tempeh bacon and NEVER put it in the slow cooker.

So tell me friends: is there a post on the blog that stuck out to you that you really loved? Any topic requests for 2021?

Hope you have a wonderful morning and I’ll see ya tomorrow with an all-new barre booty workout video!



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