Try The 28 Day Challenge For $1 – It Has Helped Mums Lose Over 3 Million Kilos

The 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge has helped mums lose OVER 3 million kilos and today you can try it for ONLY $1 for 30 days

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Pay $1 for 30 Days

Pay $1 for 30 Days

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And here are some incredible transformations from mums using the 28 Day Challenges

1.Melanie Vernon, 27, Melbourne

Picture of Weight Loss Mum of the Year Winner

Picture of Weight Loss Mum of the Year Winner

Melanie’s Healthy Mummy journey began in April 2017. She has since lost an incredible 35 kilograms.

“After giving birth to my daughter in January, I began to dislike myself. I had no love for myself…I knew a changed needed to happen,” Melanie shares with The Healthy Mummy. Melanie had so much love and admiration for her new bundle of joy. However, Melanie felt to be able to offer her gorgeous baby girl MORE of herself, she needed to focus on her own health and wellbeing too.

Melanie started her health journey in the kitchen, cooking delicious and healthy homemade Healthy Mummy meals. After nailing the recipes, Melanie begun to walk more – 3 kilometres a day to be exact.

Eventually Melanie says she found the ‘guts’ to try something new…BOOTCAMP!

“With their [bootcamp’s] help and The Healthy Mummy teaching me all I now know about healthy food, I have successfully lost over 35.6kg* since May – and I COULDN’T be happier’. 

Melanie says she is so much happier and best of all, is starting to love herself again.

“I now know I’ll be able to chase my daughter around when she starts walking. Thankyou Healthy Mummy – you have given me my life back!”

2.Cicily Goodwin, 23, mum of two gorgeous kiddies, Nambucca Heads

Cicily weight loss

Cicily weight loss

So much has changed in such a short amount of time for this gorgeous mum of two. Cicily’s Healthy Mummy journey began in July 2016. Forever, Cicily dreamt of getting down to 75 kilograms on the scales. When she joined The Healthy Mummy’s 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge, Cicily was on a mission to make this dream a reality.

Just three months into her journey, Cicily had lost 20 kilograms. For the rest of 2016 – she maintained this incredible weight loss.

In 2017, Cicily was more committed than ever to hit her goal weight. “I had 35kgs to lose,” says Cicly. And GUESS WHAT? She did it! “I started the year at 110kgs and have gotten to 75kg! My lifetime goal. I’ve dreamed of this my whole life!

I’ve used all of The Healthy Mummy Products, including the Smoothies, and they have completely changed my world around! It’s surreal”, she adds.

For Cicily however, her journey has become much more about HAPPINESS than weight loss. And this year, in 2018, Cicily isn’t worried about losing weight, she’s ready to embrace life and enjoy it full force with her beautiful family.

I’ve done it! Moderately and healthily! I’m forever in debt and grateful for these products and the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge. My life is amazing and I’m so incredibly happy in myself now“, she adds.

3.Nikki Myles, mum of three awesome boys, Melbourne



Nikki says in just 12 months, she has morphed into a whole new person. “I have lost 29 kilos and over 90 cm of my entire body,” Nikki says.

Nikki is a 45 year old mother of three boys. She works hard, and does everything she possibly can for her beautiful family. And while she wouldn’t have it any other way, she did make a decision in 2017 that she was no longer going to put all her needs second. To be the best version of herself (for her boys AND HERSELF) she needed to focus a little more on her – and that included her heath and fitness.

“At first I didn’t even believe I could do this because I had so many people telling me your too old and when you have kids your metabolism slows down and it’s impossible to loose weight,” Nikki reveals.

“However, I am happy to report my recent blood tests have revealed my liver is functioning normally my cholesterol is down, my iron levels are all back to normal (thanks to Healthy Mummy Super Greens – I think ), my menstrual cycle is back to normal and my blood pressure is back to normal.”

Nikki believes this is ALL because she decided to join the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge 12 months ago.

I love with the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge that I can do everything from the privacy of my own home, fit it in whenever and make it suit me –  no matter how busy I am.”

Nikki says she wants everyone to know YOU ARE WORTH IT – and YES YOU CAN LOSE WEIGHT – if that’s what you want to do.

“The Healthy Mummy will always be a part of my life now.”

4. Nicola Oates, 36, inspiring mama of two toddlers, Mount Cotton

Picture of Weight Loss Mum of the Year Winner

Picture of Weight Loss Mum of the Year Winner

Nicola joined The Healthy Mummy and signed up to the 28 Day Weight Loss Challengein January 2017. After seeing a not-so-flattering picture of herself taken on Christmas Day just weeks beforehand, Nicola was determined to shake up her ways and embrace a different lifestyle, one that prioritised healthy eating and exercise. “I had to be the change my life needed,” Nicola says.

I was a size 20/22 and so unfit, unhealthy and unhappy, Nicola adds.

11 months later, Nicola feels like a new woman. Nicola has lost just over 40 kilograms and is now a size 12/14. “My health and fitness is the best it’s been in my life,” the inspiring mum reveals.

Nicola says she now exercises 5 days a week, feels like an awesome role model for her two children (aged 3 and 4) and has found a new love of health, fitness and delicious, healthy food.

“My life is good and I am happy. Healthy Mummy has changed my life!”

5.Amy Ellen Atkinson, motivating mama of four, Tasmania



Amy says she first discovered The Healthy Mummy in July 2015 when a friend added her to The Healthy Mummy Private Facebook Support Group after giving birth to her fourth child.

I staked the group for a few months, before making the BIG decision to change my life around.”

Amy says the inspiring stories of other mums on the group as well as The Healthy Mummy blog prompted her to do something about her life. Amy began by purchasing a Healthy Mummy Smoothie and discovering her local Healthy Mummy Consultant.

Sometime later, she decided to join the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge.

While Amy has had a bit of a bumpy weight loss journey, she believes the support from The Healthy Mummy and it’s community has always enabled her to “pick herself back up, and move forward.”

Amy adds, “Learning to love yourself is one of the biggest achievements you can accomplish. I have my goal weight in mind but even if I don’t quite reach it, I know I’m living a 110 per cent healthier life. So far I have lost 56kg and over 200cm from my body.”

$1 for 30

$1 for 30

Try it for $1 here