Two heros of the wellness world, meditation and Pilates arrive on Apple Fitness+

If you’re a fan of Apple Fitness+ and are looking for a little bit of calm in your day, there are two new low-impact, zen offerings in town. Welcome, welcome. 

Guided meditation (the undisputed queen of the wellness world) and Pilates (responsible for most of the long, strong cores of all the fittest females I know) have arrived on the app.

Building on the popularity of Mindful Cooldowns in Fitness+, guided Meditation will help users develop a regular meditation routine and will be able to choose from nine guided Meditation themes — Purpose, Kindness, Gratitude, Awareness, Creativity, Wisdom, Calm, Focus, and Resilience — in practices of five, 10, or 20 minutes long. And we’ll take one of each please and thanks.

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As a bonus, the new audio meditations in Fitness+ can be played directly from Apple Watch when paired with AirPods or other Bluetooth headphones.

And if you missed out on hitting the slopes this season – Workouts to Get Ready for Snow Season — are also part of the new offering which will help build strength, balance, and endurance to help snow sport-lovers have more fun on the slopes.

Group workouts are also one the way where you can work out with up to 32 people via SharePlay … because nothing says motivation like being challenged – or coerced – to workout with your friends, family or flatmates.

Plus, the new iPhone 13

As always, Apple have been busy. The announcement of the new Fitness+ offerings coincided with the launch of the new iPhone 13 which already has Apple lovers in a frenzy.

We’ve had a first look at the all new must-have gadget and cut out the techy bits so you can decide if an upgrade is imminent.

Here are five things we think you’re going to love about the latest iPhone on the block:

1. Ok, firstly have you seen the new baby pink colour?

Call it baby, bubblegum, millenial or rose pink, call it what you want, but when you see it in the umm, flesh, it’s pretty incredible. Murmurs about a pink iPhone 13 all started with an Instagram post back in February. That’s how anticipated this was. And now it’s here in all it’s soft pink glory. “Capitalism is bad but the pink iphone is so sexy,” one person even tweeted.

2. The new iPhone went to film school so you don’t have to.

This has to be one of the iPhone 13’s biggest flexes. The new cinematic mode (which is seriously impressive) allows you to shoot video using a technique called rack focus — which is shifting focus from one subject to another — to guide the audience’s attention in their movies. Now iPhone makes it easy for you to bring the same storytelling technique to your videos.

3. You can also take a great photo without lifting a finger. Okay, one finger.

Your favourite portrait mode tool (responsible for all the best grid shots on the gram, right) now has six creative lighting effects with a swipe. And just to make sure your selfie game is stronger than ever, the front camera has all the latest features of the back camera.

4. It’s super bright, super colourful and super sharp

The display gets 28 per cent brighter than its most recent predecessor, so it’s easier to see in full sunlight, perfect for all those picnics and COVID-safe outdoor gatherings we’re going to have over the summer. The wide camera also captures 47% more light for better photos and videos.

5. It’s taken a huge leap in battery life

Up to 2.5 hours more battery life on iPhone 13, because that’s what we all really need as we prepare for the Hot Vax Summer we deserve right? Staying power.

The iPhone 13 is available now.

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