Two Weeks, No Weight-Loss + Brant’s Trip

Hello, and happy Tuesday! I’m coming to you on a Tuesday because it’s been a while and yesterday was Labor Day. The first week of school went really well for all of us. Piper loves going to school. She was a little bummed that it was a three-day weekend because she couldn’t wait to go back with her friends! I really enjoyed the one-on-one time with Delaney during the day and, the time with Piper in the evenings felt even more intentional and good.

As for my weight-loss, I have had a couple weeks where I haven’t been following the 80/20 rule. Instead, it has been more like 50/50. As the weather began to change these past couple weeks, we ate out more than we usually would; taking advantage of some of the last bit of warm weather we could. The reality from that is I didn’t lose or gain any weight for the past two weeks.

I am partly kicking myself for this because I could have been down at least two more pounds by now, but on the other hand I am honoring what I decided to do these past couple weeks. Giving myself grace is a big part of whether or not I will be successful and so, this is me, giving myself grace.

Our most recent indulgence was when we went out to Brant’s Apple Orchard. Ever since my sister and her husband brought us to this place a few years go, we have been making it a point to visit every season. It opens at the end of summer and stays open for most of Autumn. We thoroughly enjoyed our visit and some of our favorite treats from them this weekend!

I think it’s safe to say Delaney loves Brant’s Apple Cider Donuts as much as the rest of the family!

Now that it’s been a couple weeks, I feel ready to get back on track with living an 80/20 lifestyle. It’s important for me to remember that the journey isn’t meant to be linear. Also, for myself, I believe little bits of time off from the routine is important to sustain the long journey ahead.

This week, I’m recommitting to my water goal (120oz/day) and getting back to tracking everything I eat. What will you be doing this week to “get back on track” or “stay on track”?


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