Ultimate Guide To Baking With Sesame Flour

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Sesame flour is an excellent option for those following a gluten-free or low-carb diet. It is one of the best keto-friendly flours when it comes to achieving perfectly light and fluffy baked goods!

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This low-carb flour substitute may not be very common yet, but it is still an amazing option. Whether you are gluten sensitive, low-carb, or following the keto diet, flour made from sesame seeds is a great alternative to try out for yourself.

I particularly love to use this type of flour in my low-carb bread recipes! Just take a look at my nut-free gluten-free bread recipe where I blend it with coconut flour.

It creates a perfect bread-like crumb, especially when blended with other types of flour. If you are looking for gluten-free or low-carb options for your baking recipes, you should definitely give sesame flour a shot!

Can You Use Sesame Flour Instead of All-Purpose Flour?

When you are using sesame flour in the place of all-purpose, you can substitute up to one-quarter called for in the recipe.

This type of flour contains plenty of fat like many nut flours, which will give your baked goods a richer taste and make them a bit heavier in texture.

Despite its strong sesame flavor, this is a very versatile flour substitute that is very easy to use. It doesn’t require any special skills or work to bake with, and it can be used in place of most types of flour. It can even replace other nut flours!

Sesame flour may be a less common option, but this alternative is a great option for anyone allergic to gluten or on the keto diet.

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Is Sesame Flour Healthy?

Sesame seeds are naturally high-fat, low-carb, and protein-rich. Therefore, flour made from sesame seeds is a very nutritious solution for many recipes. Even if you aren’t keto, this is an amazing option if you want a healthier alternative for baked goods that commonly call for all-purpose flours.

Sesame flour is rich and full of healthy fats, which will add more sustenance to your baked goods. It adds nutrition in place of what is often empty calories when using regular flour.

This flour substitute also contains a decent amount of protein, making it a great alternative for your favorite baking recipes.

Nutritional Information

If you are curious to know about the nutritional side of using this flour, here are the facts.

Note: This applies to the average nutrition of 100 grams of sesame flour.

  • 49 grams of fat
  • 17 grams of protein
  • 15 grams dietary fiber
  • 6 carbohydrates

Sesame seeds made into flour create a hearty substitute that is perfect for the keto diet. Give your baked goods a nutritional boost with this new healthy alternative!

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Is It Okay For A Keto Diet?

Sesame flour is an amazing substitute for regular grain flours if you live a ketogenic lifestyle. It is rich in fat, has plenty of protein, and is very low in net carbs. It is also gluten-free and pretty low on the glycemic index, making this a wonderful flour option for using on the keto diet.

You can make all kinds of tasty low-carb baked goods with this substitute, from bread to cookies to pie crusts!

What Is Sesame Flour Made Of?

This flour is made by grinding up sesame seeds into a fine powder. Sesame is already a soft seed which allows it to be ground up more finely than some other nuts. The powder’s lightness makes sesame flour able to imitate regular flour in so many recipes!

Some brands will cold-press the seeds to remove excess oil, but some don’t. You can buy whichever option according to your personal preference.

Baking With Sesame Flour

Because sesame flour is so light in its consistency, it is actually very similar to all-purpose! This excellent substitute is also remarkably easy to work with and doesn’t do anything weird during the cooking process.

Substitute flours cannot always imitate the lightness of all-purpose flour in recipes, but with this sesame alternative, you get a very similar result. 

It’s a great option for anyone on the keto diet since it makes such light and airy baked goods with nearly no net carbs. Sesame flour also adds richness to recipes, but one thing to keep in mind is that it does have a strong sesame flavor. This is a pleasant flavor, but it might not be pleasant to everyone.

This type of flour is often used to make bread since it seems to be best at replicating that kind of texture. The sesame flavor also goes well with bread and enhances its natural flavor.

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Tips For Success

  • Make sure to store this ingredient in a cool, dark place in an airtight container. You do not want to expose this flour to too much air as it can easily spoil. The high-fat content can make its shelf life unstable. You could even store it in the fridge for an extra preventative measure.
  • For a more bready texture and taste, you could blend sesame flour with another low-carb flour option. Coconut, almond, and peanut flour are all great substitutes to use.
  • If your baked goods are coming out dense or feel oily, try cutting down on the oil in the recipe. Sesame flour contains plenty of oil on its own, so you don’t want to make the recipe too rich.
  • To enhance and mellow out the strong sesame flavor in sweet desserts, you can add vanilla, almond, or honey extract. These compliment the sesame flavor and will create a better balance.
  • Sesame is a great flavor to add to savory foods as well. You could use it to bread meat, make dumplings, or even add to casseroles.

More Low-Carb Flour Recipes To Try

If you are interested in using other flour alternatives, here are some of my favorite recipes using nut flours! These are delicious and low-carb, perfect for the ketogenic diet.



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