Up in the East Hills

My local group rode up into the hills East of Gilroy on a beautiful but windy day. We carpooled to the start, which involved some interesting arranging getting 3 bikes into my friend’s van, whose house I’d ridden to. The main ride started at the Mendoza Ranch entrance to Harvey Bear park on Roop road, out and back to the end of Gilroy Hot Springs Road, then out and back rides on Canada and Jamison roads, for a total of about 30 miles (plus the 6 extra for me getting to and from my friend’s house). It was also about 1200 feet of climbing although it seemed like more, with a stiff headwind at the end. I sometimes do this ride starting from home, which would have added an extra 28 miles. I’m glad I didn’t this time because the last 14 would have been against the wind and would have been exhausting. It was still nice and green up in the hills even though the east foothills have already turned brown. We earned a delightful lunch afterward.

The old bridge at the end of Gilroy Hot Springs road
Working our way back down the road with a cattle guard in the foreground
A beautiful ranch off Canada road
Heading up Jamison road
Jamison has some steep climbing, up to 15% grade. I didn’t take a picture at the steepest bit because I was too busy not falling over.


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