Vegan Friendly Skincare Supplements

Our beauty buyer, Aurelia Ziomek, talks us through the vegan-friendly skincare supplements she uses all year round to achieve a radiant, healthy glow. Keep reading as Aurelia shares her advice on how best to navigate through the buzzwords and choose the right supplements for your lifestyle.

Omega for anti-inflammatory benefits

My all-time favourite beauty supplement is a good quality omega oil and I often switch between omega 3, evening primrose and flaxseed oil depending on my hormones. Recently I’ve been loving the Natural Traditions Ahiflower Oil, as it’s a great source of bioavailable omega that converts well into EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid, a long-chain fatty acid) and doesn’t come from fish, so it’s suitable for those following a vegan diet. Omega has powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits, which work to keep your skin looking bright and refreshed.

Supplements for acne-prone skin 

If my acne-prone skin needs a little more help I reach for the Viridian Clear Skin Complex. This two capsules-a-day supplement features a formulated-blend of targeted botanicals, including zinc, burdock root and probiotic, which all have properties designed to help diminish the appearance of skin imperfections. I try to stick with the Clear Skin complex for at least six weeks, to really see the results.

Gut-health for skin-health

I noticed a real difference in my skin when I began to add probiotics into my skincare routine. One of the first brands I discovered to focus on gut health for skin health is Aussie born Beauty Chef. Their range of bio-fermented, probiotic-rich superfood products are designed to improve gut health and enhance the skin from within. My favourite product from Beauty Chef is the Glow Powder. I often add a scoop of this to my morning smoothie as an easy way to implement more vitamins into my daily routine. I also combine this powder with plant-based collagen, as our levels of collagen begin to decline as we age.

Collagen supplements

Collagen is the latest buzzword in beauty but it’s actually the most abundant protein in the body. It works like scaffolding for our skin giving it structure and making it firm and supple. I can see the difference in how plump and glowing my skin is by eating a high-protein plant-based diet and taking a minimum 1g of vitamin C. This, combined with the Sun Warrior Collagen Building Protein, gives me all the necessary amino acids and nutrients my body needs to help with collagen production.

Chlorophyll for skin texture

My latest top-tip for glowing skin is Chlorophyll. If you don’t juice or don’t have the time to fit juicing into a regular routine, it’s a perfect alternative. Chlorophyll is a rich green pigment that gives plants and algae their colour and it might also help to purify the blood. My favourite Chlorophyll is the KIKI Health Liquid Chlorophyll, as this bioavailable liquid form is an entirely natural plant-based supplement and is completely free of preservatives, fillers or any nasty artificial ingredients. It also has a sweet, naturally-vibrant taste and after a few weeks of adding it to my water, my skin tone and texture look noticeably improved.