Vomiting undigested food following stomach stretching?

Hi. I have been stomach stretching combined with eating inbetween meals in an effort to gain weight. The results have worked in my favor.

One of my issues is I struggle to be consistent. For instance i’ll skip lunch/dinner in a day (mostly due to work), and then don’t prioritize it enough when I get home. The following morning if I eat a meal that is not smaller than what I was accustomed to, i’ll throw it up a few hours later.

I’m 107lb, 23yr female. My goal weight is 115lb. I was 93lb when I started.

I have thrown up twice this week despite several weeks without issue, and it makes me concerned if i’m doing this right.

What I ate this morning wasn’t large but perhaps for my stomach, it was. I had eaten two duck eggs, a bagel with cream cheese and orange juice. It all came up seemingly undigested 3 hours later.

I understand the premise of stretching is eating until you’re full. I’ve always eaten until i’m no longer hungry, so this line very blurry for me.

Insight appreciated. Thanks.

Edit: I’m stressed about my caloric setback because of today, as well. Assuming breakfast can’t be counted, I’ve only had water & a strong brewed ginger tea w/ cane sugar to calm my stomach.

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