Weight gain for skinny fat type (seems that extra calories eaten goes to my belly area)

Male, aged 38. Weight stats in my flair.

So even before I began a weight gain plan (which was little over 1 month ago), I already had a somewhat protruding belly (area under the belly button).

After I began to eat more calories (around 300 – 500 above my maintenance level) and more protein (120-130 grams), I have indeed noticed weight gain, which is heartening to me because I have a gastrointestinal condition (IBS) that makes eating more a very very tricky issue (maybe that's another topic for another day).

My exercise regimen is at-home resistance bands exercises focusing on arms, chest (and shoulders). Because I take a bit long to recover from the exercises, my frequency at the moment is twice a week.

What I have noticed is that my belly is now protruding (much) more than before. I hope that some of the gains have also gone to the other parts of my body, and not just the belly! The belly is not where I want the extra weight to go!

But given this, what are people's thoughts? Is there a way to reduce the size of my belly (or at least keep it from increasing in size) while continuing with my weight gain plan?


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