What Is A Ramekin Dish? – A Food Guide

Let us find out more facts and other distinct features of what is a Ramekin dish:

• It is also called a soufflé dish, which refers to a small piece of vessel used as bakeware.
• Its small size is attributed to its practicality in preparing individual proportions or servings.
• There is one classic Ramekin dish, a white, cylindrical-shaped small, deep bowl with a diameter of 3-4 inches. It is made of ceramic with vertical, rounded lip, and a fluted exterior (exterior edges have many curves that alternately go in and out).
• The kind mentioned above may be common and classic, but now there is a wide array of novelty designs, colors, shapes, sizes, and textures to choose from. This is great news as you can get away with the basics and get the chance to mix and match your Ramekins soon.
• The best feature of what is a Ramekin dish is its heat-resistant design. That’s why if not ceramic, some are made out of glazed stoneware. The heat-resistant design is much more appreciated when, for example, in making a crème brulee. A blowtorch is used to caramelize the sugar on top of the dessert, and the Ramekin is tough enough to resist the heat from the direct flame.
• Some Ramekin dishes may not be heatproof as some are made of glass, cast iron, metals, and steel. These materials are not heatproof and therefore, should not be in direct contact with flame.