What to Do With Your Life in April—30 Ideas to Inspire the Ultimate Refresh

I’ve always loved and leaned most into the transitional months—those that mark a significant shift in season and climate. As humans, we’re naturally oriented toward change and novelty. We’re attracted to what’s untrodden and undiscovered—those things in life that feel entirely new. This truth is an element of why it’s so satisfying to live in sync with the seasons. Alongside feeling closer and connected to the natural world, we allow ourselves an organic refresh. That clean-slate feeling that forgives us of all we want to let go of—and that which communicates an opportunity to start entirely anew.

I know what you’re thinking: Isabelle, touch grass, please! But my April bucket list is grounded in that sense of starting over. While most people associate these sentiments with the start of the year, I find it hard to generate energy for my intentions when the weather would rather see me cozied up inside, mid-hour three of a long binge-reading sesh.

So whether you’re looking for a similar new start or simply want to make the most of the month ahead, I have it all here for you. From spring cleaning everything in your life to all the many ways you can get yourself outside, this April bucket list will inspire you to explore new areas of life and chase after new dreams. After all, every day is a new beginning.

Woman carrying flowers.

30 Ideas to Add to Your April Bucket List

1. Work out outside. With the weather warming up and more blue, sunny days in the forecast, try swapping out your indoor sweat sesh for a little time outdoors. Schedule hikes with friends, try your hand at tennis or pickleball, and plan for a few lake days if the weather allows. Vitamin D and endorphins? We love.

2. Host a picnic. Is there anything better than setting down a blanket and soaking up an hour or two of the best spring pairing: fresh air and a sun-soaked meal? Steal these picnic recipes for inspiration.

3. Read one of the best new spring books. PSA: reading is a year-round activity. If you’re feeling stumped by your TBR or craving a new title, consult our list of the best new spring releases.

4. Buy yourself flowers. You deserve a little bouquet of beauty in your kitchen or on your desk every week. Hit up Trader Joe’s for the best budget blooms that are still undeniably gorgeous.

5. Clean out your closet. It’s time. If you still need help in crossing this task off your spring cleaning to-do list, we have all the Marie Kondo-approved answers, right here.

6. Revisit your vision board. No, your January 1st vision board is not a one-and-done process. It’s something you come back to throughout the year to check in on your progress and growth. For signs that your vision board is working, we tallied all the green flags you should pay attention to.

7. Play around with 2024 fashion trends. These are the biggest buys in fashion right now. And in case you need more options, we also shared their totally enviable dupes.

8. Switch up your breakfast routine. If you’re still on the cereal and milk train, take heart: the options are endless for an inspiring and colorful AM meal. Camille’s grain-free overnight oatmeal is my current fave, but I also consider this green shakshuka a hyperfixation weekend brunch delight.

9. Organize your photos. Set aside a couple of hours on a Sunday and you won’t be sorry. If you have thousands of screenshots and duplicates in your albums, this is the guidance you need.

10. Make your own yogurt. If it sounds complicated, trust: homemade yogurt is way easier than it seems. Plus, the benefits are endless (it’s healthier, cuts down on packaging waste, etc.). Camille swears by this yogurt recipe that healed her gut.

Woman journaling on laptop.

11. Pick up a guided journal. If you’re just starting your journaling journey, there are plenty of guided options to select from. The primary benefit (besides the majority of them being extremely aesthetic!) is that they come with pre-written prompts, helping guide your thoughts and lead you to a deeper understanding of yourself.

12. Spring clean your skincare. We swear by these expert tips to help transition your skin to the warmer weather.

13. Step up your al fresco game. ‘Tis the season for enjoying all our meals outdoors. Try Camille’s spicy tuna tostadas (inspired by one of her favorite restaurants in Mexico City), avocado caprese, or a hot honey salmon that takes literally 10 minutes.

14. Refresh your space. Spring cleaning is one thing, but breathing new life into every room of your home is exactly what you’ll need to feel inspired and energized. These design tips may be simple, but they’re absolutely game-changing.

15. Shop the best vases for your spring blooms. Whether you’re getting your fresh cuts from the backyard, flower market, or your local Trader Joe’s, you’ll need the perfect vessel to house them in. We named the best online sources for vases that spark joy.

16. Make your home smell like spring. It’s time to ditch the warm and spicy scents—this season is all about fresh and clean fragrances. Our design editor names her favorite spring scents.

17. Listen to the rain. April showers, May flowers, etc. It’s an inevitable weather phenomenon of the month, but instead of lamenting the gray skies, try enjoying a little cozy moment of curling up and being present for the beauty of the rain.

18. Visit the farmer’s market. Because there’s nothing better than romanticizing your weekly grocery shop. Explore all the best fresh veg and get inspired to cook up some spring meals.

19. Try a new tea blend. While the weather might be warming, there’s still plenty of opportunity to enjoy your favorite teas. I love peppermint, lavender, chamomile, or rose. And if you’re looking for a serious stress-relieving cuppa, we rounded up the best right here.

20. Pick up a new poetry collection. While I’m one for fiction, I also love getting lost in a particularly resonant collection of poetry.  Instructions for Traveling West is my current favorite, but I also love anything Mary Oliver or Cleo Wade.

Lemon white chocolate bars.

21. Bake something lemony. Is there a more quintessentially spring flavor? These gluten-free lemon bars are a favorite and our no-bake lemon cardamom bars couldn’t be easier—or more delicious. For all the lemon sweets and treats, our roundup has you covered.

22. Plan your summer vacation. Get your warm-weather getaway situated. I just stayed at The Inn at Newport Ranch in California and was blown away by the property’s natural beauty. Or, if you’re looking for a quick trip from Chicago, nothing beats Destination Kohler. But if small towns are more your vibe, we have all the recommendations you need right here.

23. Detoxify your cleaning routine. If you’re looking to make the switch from bleach, look no further. We’re sharing all of the best non-toxic cleaning products. Bonus: They smell amazing.

24. Make a spring pasta recipe. Alongside spring salads and soups, pasta is a great way to make the most of the season’s vibrant harvest. Can’t make it to Italy this month? These spring pasta recipes are the next best thing.

25. Pick up a new spring hobby. In need of an activity or new passion to take your mind away from work and other life stressors? Spring hobbies are just the thing. From gardening to hiking to foraging (and everything in between), this list has you covered.

26. Go to a baseball game. It’s like football in the fall—there’s something so satisfying about enjoying a warm weekend afternoon cheering on your team in the stands. Whether you shell out for a pro game or support your kiddos’ t-ball team, there’s endless fun to be had.

27. Make a spring drink. Kombucha cocktails, a Lillet spritz, or Camille’s favorite: the Salty Dog—you have endless options to sip on.

28. Leave notes of kindness in unexpected places. I love writing sweet little notes and affirmations and leaving them on car windshields, in mailboxes, or in my local coffee shop’s tip jar. Some ideas: Your kindness doesn’t go unnoticed. You bring purpose, presence, and passion to the world. You have a beautiful and profound impact on the people in your life.

29. Reach out to loved ones you’ve been meaning to call. On my list: my sisters, my college besties, my aunts and uncles. Brainstorm a few people you’ve wanted to connect with and make the call. You have no idea how much it will mean.

30. Try a cold plunge. It might not be summer yet, but you’re still welcome to embrace all the benefits of a cold plunge. And honestly? This is the best time to make it happen. Find a body of water near you, bring layers to bundle up in afterward, and brave the chill. Bring friends—cold plunging all the more fun with good company.