Why We are Participating in Dry January

About once or twice a year my husband (Dan) and I pick a month that we don’t drink any alcohol. This year we chose to kick off 2021 booze-free with Dry January.

Since Dry January is a popular phenomenon, we thought it would be fun to participate and share our experience.

Our Normal Alcohol Consumption

dry January reasons

Whenever I hear about someone participating in a challenge or trying to give something up for a month, I always want to know about their starting base.

Dan and I both enjoy wine, beer and the occasional cocktail. We typically don’t drink on Mondays and Tuesdays. The rest of the week involves splitting a bottle of wine in the evenings, with a couple beers and mimosas thrown into the mix on the weekends.

There are occasions when a second bottle of wine gets opened, especially when we have company or spend the evening sitting outside with the neighbors.

Why We Go Dry in January

why we do dry January

I just want to preface by stating that we fully understand everyone’s personal reasons are different. These are just ours and you may/may not agree with them. But guess what, that’s totally okay! We certainly don’t all have to agree on everything. That’s what makes the world fun.

Reset and Refresh

Brynn – In general, we look forward to starting the year with a reset. During the holidays, we are a lot more relaxed in terms of what we eat and drink. Dan has some time off work around Christmas so we find ourselves not sticking so much to a single bottle of wine in the evenings or we gather with friends more often (not applicable to this year as much). I think we both like starting the year off fresh with healthier meals, less alcohol and more exercise.

Dan – I just like to give my body a break once in awhile. Plus I like a challenge.

Increase Productivity

Brynn – For me, a lot of drinking has to do with the routine or the vibe associated with it. I like to curl up with a glass on wine on the couch and watch a movie. On nights I have to work on the website, I typically don’t drink because I’m not really relaxing. So I’m looking forward to being more productive in the evenings after the kids go to bed during our dry month.

Dan – To get a lot of stuff done. I’m trying to get my real estate license, my pilot license and purchase an investment property. I find I’m just more productive and focused without the power of the grape.

It’s Good for your Health

Brynn – While it’s true that red wine has some health benefits, not drinking alcohol is better for your health. Reducing and cutting back on alcohol can help increase liver function, reduce risk of cardiovascular disease and even certain cancers. Plus alcohol is also often full of empty calories and excess sugar.

Dan – Health isn’t a direct reason for me, but indirectly I’d say “of course” not drinking for a month is going to be healthier.

Better Sleep

Brynn – on nights when the wine has flowed a bit too free, I sleep horribly. I snore, toss and turn and just wake up feeling exhausted. Looking forward to a month full of great sleep!

Dan – It’s way easier for me to get up earlier on a Saturday and Sunday when I haven’t had anything to drink the previous night.

Save Money

Brynn – December is a big month for us. We have two young children that we want to shower with gifts, experiences, etc and it adds up. Cutting back on having to buy wine or alcohol for a month is a great way to cut back on our grocery bill and save a little money.

Dan – I want to be a cheap date. When our dry month is over, I want to be back to the place where two glasses of wine is enough.

What We Will Be Drinking Instead

pot of tea
  1. Water – I’d say this is the most obvious answer. It’s funny, we are very on top of our daughter (she is currently going through chemotherapy) drinking enough water throughout the day but there are days when I go to bed and realize I haven’t really drank any water consistently that day. We are challenging ourselves to drink a big glass of water before our morning coffee and then routinely throughout the day.

2. Tea – we have become big tea drinkers in the evening. Dan’s favorite tea is this Tazo Baked Cinnamon Apple. Two of my favorites include this Teavana Peach Tranquility and this Tazo Elderberry Blackberry Tea. We find the best selection of tea at our local Target or online from Thrive Market.

3. Mocktails – sometime the ritual that surrounds drinking is what we miss the most. For times like this, we plan on enjoying a few mocktails. This Cranberry Moscow Mule Mocktail is a recent favorite.

Stay Tuned for Updates

If you find yourself participating in Dry January as well, let us know. We’d love to follow along on your journey.

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