Will I lose weight if I stop drinking gainer shakes?

I am dangerously underweight at the moment and am trying to gain 20kg of fat (not interested in muscle) with a goal of 1kg per week (but barely/not actually making it there each week).

If I eat normally and when I am hungry, I'll be losing weight so I have to get around 1500 calories per day from gainer shakes (olive oil, peanut butter, almont milk + fruits etc) then eat my normal food on top of that, barely making it to 3000 calories per day.

I understand people trying to lose weight often "gain it all back" when they are done with the diet and return to their normal ways. Is this the same for people who are underweight?

Should I aim to get right up to the high end (but not overweight) of a healthy BMI so that when I stop having the shakes I will have a better appetite due to larger body weight and then by the time my body normalises after I have the shakes, I will only lose weight for a little bit bringing me into mid-range for healthy weight rather than dropping down to the low end of healthy weight or even back into underweight.

Should I try to even push a little further and get slightly into the overweight range just to be safe and ensure I don't get underweight again? I'm assuming I'll naturally drop from overweight back down to a healthy range as a side effect of not having the drinks anymore.

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