Win an Omron activity monitor or body composition monitor



Everyone knows the importance of staying healthy. Doing enough exercise, staying relaxed and keeping your weight at the right level are all important. With so many demands and distractions, it can be hard to find the time and motivation. However, OMRON offers a range of easy-to-use devices to help monitor, measure and motivate you.

OMRON BF508 Body Composition Monitor

This great device gives you a total body reading including your body weight, body fat percentage, and visceral fat percentage.

Walking Style III Step Counters

These slim and lightweight activity monitors not only count your total daily steps motivating you to move more but with an ‘event mode’ it lets you monitor specific activities such as a power walk, helping you to improve each time.


We have a Body Composition Monitor and two Walking Style III Step Counters up for grabs.

To win, simply email the answer to this question to

OMRON have sold 130 million blood pressure monitors since which year? 

Closing Date 30th July 2014

Full terms and conditions can be found here.