Winter cycling tips for beginners

Winter cycling tipsWinter cycling tips


Incorporate supplements into your diet.

It’s easy to push yourself too hard when it comes to exercising in the colder weather and this climate can put more of a strain on your body and make you more susceptible to colds or viruses. Therefore it’s important to try and keep your immune system in top condition. To fight the onset of illness, use daily supplements, such as vitamin D or zinc. This will help to ensure your health is the best it can be when exercising at this time of year.


Layer up.

The key to cycling in winter is wearing lots of layers on your top half. Several layers of thin, technical fabric are much better and more efficient at trapping heat in than one thick garment. This also means if things get too warm then you’re able to remove one layer at a time and adjust to your comfort. A base layer worn tight against the skin draws moisture away, a mid-layer – such as a long-sleeved jersey – traps warm air, and finally an outer jacket works as your main defence against the elements, be that a barrier to the wind, rain or both. Although windproof and waterproof jackets help to retain body heat, using a fleece-lined or synthetic insulation jacket will add even more warmth when riding in the cold weather.


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