Women, diets and self-esteem

Weight loss is something that most women do not forget. The eagerness to lose weight easily and quickly, subject women to restrictive diets, use of drugs indiscriminately and methods that can harm the health of the body.

Losing weight quickly is considered a success worthy of praise in our thin-obsessed society, which mistakes it for beauty and health. The problem is that genetics, biology, and the survival system are threatened by rapid weight loss, and the constant struggle with weight can be an important cause to affect self-esteem and confidence issues.

It is common nowadays, questions to nutritionist professionals such as “which food should I include or exclude from the diet, to lose weight, lose belly or gain muscle mass? “. But before thinking about answers, it is necessary to understand what is behind these questions so distressed.

Regardless of the specific objective that is set in relation to a diet, it is necessary to understand that the change must start from the inside out. How do we take care of something we don’t fully know? Or rather, how to nourish a body that we don’t really love?
According to studies, people who like themselves are more likely to take care of their health, practice physical activity and eat well. Many do not know, but “we eat our feelings instead of feeling them” and we eat when we do not feel physiological hunger, but want to feed ourselves.

In fact, most women want to change, but keep insisting on the same methods that don’t work and end up settling for “failure”. Women: do not insist on what is not working, you need to find new ways to relate to the body and food! Make a commitment to yourself and have no intention of losing weight right away, worrying about getting on the scale every day and losing pounds. Let things flow normally, as our metabolism requires time to adapt and start the fat burning process, due to a change in eating habits and physical activity.

The advice is: avoid restricted diets. Extreme restrictions generate compulsion and a feeling of failure, which ends up ruining even more self-esteem. The weight-loss cycle also slows down the metabolism making weight loss really more difficult. Think more in terms of sustainable changes, like adopting a physical exercise that you enjoy, improving the quality of meals and replacing habits that harm your health with healthier ones.

We must realize that this body we inhabit is capable of giving us sensational pleasures and satisfactions! And, if we allow it, it may surprise us even more!

So if you think that when you change your body, your view of yourself will change, that’s the opposite. Only when you change your view of yourself will your body change. We are capable of incredible things and we do not need any kind of torture or total deprivation to achieve them. But we do need love for ourselves and our bodies, because that is the only way we can really nourish it!



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