From sandwiches to sand wedges… Amazing Loser Karl Pay

The worst thing about being overweight is how much it holds you back from living the life you truly want to live. This week’s Amazing Loser Karl loved playing golf, but because of his weight he hadn’t stepped foot on a golf course for a decade. Just think of all the good times he’d been missing out on! And I bet you have similar stories about what your weight takes away from you.

For Karl, it took a serious wake up call to spur him on to taking action…

Name: Karl Pay

Age: 48

Start weight: 17st 12 / 250lbs / 113.4kg

Weight now: 13st 1 / 183lbs / 83kg

Total weight loss: 4st 11 / 67lbs / 30.4kg

What led to you deciding that you needed to lose weight?

I’ve struggled with food as long as I can remember, but as a young lad I did lots of sports so the impact of my overeating wasn’t noticeable. It wasn’t until I had an injury when I was 34 and had to give up my activities that the weight started to creep on.

After many years with a 42-inch waist, my sudden wake-up call came in 2019. While at work I had to be rushed to hospital as I was having chest pains. Luckily the test results came back clear, but after seeing the effects this scare had on those around me I knew I needed to focus on my health much more.

The consultant told me bluntly that this was a warning and my lifestyle had to change or next time it could be much more serious.

Yikes – that’s not something you want to hear. How did you decide to do it?

My sister-in-law was following the LighterLife programme and was having great success, so my wife suggested I give it a go. I figured I had nothing to lose, so in June I went along to my local LighterLife group in Maidstone and signed up the LighterLife Total plan with the aim to lose around a stone a month.

What did you eat before you lost weight?

Although my meals weren’t that bad, snacks were my real downfall and I loved pastries and bread. I would crave high-carb foods and I certainly wasn’t fuelling my body with good nutrition.

Breakfast: Boiled eggs with toast or as a sandwich.

Lunch: Tuna mayonnaise, tinned soup and bread.

Dinner: Chilli and rice, spaghetti bolognaise, gammon/chicken roast with all the trimmings.

Snacks: pastries, bread, donuts, chocolate bars, pork pies, cereals

What do you eat now?

My diet now is a lot more balanced. One thing I really liked about LighterLife is the products. I didn’t have to think about food – four a day gives you 100% of your daily nutritional needs, so the only thing I had to think about was which four I wanted. Simple!

My favourite LighterLife meal has to be the Thai noodles Fast pot, with the shakes and crispy peanut butter bar not too far behind.

Breakfast: Boiled eggs, Lighterlife chocolate shake.

Lunch: Homemade chickpea soup, tuna, mayo and salad.

Dinner: Chicken stir fry, chicken casserole or omelette and salad

Snacks: LighterLife Hazelnut Bar or popped chips


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